Monday, June 4, 2012

Slip knots

How do you make a slip knit?  To make a slip knot
1.  pick up the string with your left hand using your thumb and your pointer finger.
2.  Bring your right hand up under the string and lie the string over your pointer finger and middle  finger of your right hand.
3.  Scissor pinch the yarn tail that is hanging down using your left pointer finger and your middle finger.
4.  Now stretch the yarn open a little by tucking your thumb into the two strands of yarn.
As you look at your hands it looks a little like two little legs and you can open and close the legs by stretching your thumb towards you and away from you.  When you pinch your thumb and pointer finger together the yarn is straight down.  When you open your thumb away from your pointer finger you make a "V"   Its a little bit like doing jumping jacks in gym.
5.  Now with your right hand pointer finger and middle finger make a pretend scissor and open the scissor while you turn your wrist away from you.  You will see your middle finger coming around towards you.
6.  Excellent!  Ok now using your fingers on your right hand like a scissor grab the yarn strand that is by your thumb and pull the string  upwards and you will make a loop.

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