Wednesday, July 11, 2012

You will need yarn

The first thing you need is a ball of yarn.  You can find yarn at a store.  You could ask people you knot if the have any extra little balls of yarn in their "stash".    A stash is a collection of the little balls of yarn that are left over from earlier projects.  
This is a picture of my knitting stash

This is a picture of different yarn weights.

Yarn is made from spinning little fibers together to make a string or strand of yarn.  As a beginner it is easiest to chose a yarn that is thinker.  Most beginners like working with a worsted or bulky weight.  These two different weights of yarn are shown on the right of the picture.  The two weights shown on the left are thread and sock yarn.

When you buy a ball or "skein" (pronounced: skane) have a little picture of a ball of yarn.  You can see a number on the tiny picture.  
Sport weight #3
Worsted #4
Bulky #5
Any of these three weights are great for beginners.

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