Sunday, July 8, 2012

Toy Bag - Farmer Brown and the Bunny

See the little bunny.  I drew that picture with my stitches.  The man is a farmer.  Farmer Brown.  Farmer Brown keeps the bunny out of his garden.  He's got his hands on his hip.  Now I wonder what he sees.  Did the bunny eat up all his carrot greens?

I am learning how to write this on line journal for you.  Sometimes it takes a while to get things moving.  At first, things are slow.  Little by little, things will pick up.  Just like when you are knitting.  At first it may seem hard but little by little you will learn to knit.  In a little while I will begin to show you on a video.  In the mean time, I will show you some of my work and you can get to know me.
Eek.  I couldn't get this picture to turn straight.  I am still learning how to take pictures and up load them on to my computer.

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